Sherman's founders experienced the pain of partition of India and Pakistan and came to India as virtual destitutes. We believe that the fortunate few who are blessed by the grace of God must help those who are not so fortunate. Sherman has a social conscience and a stake in India's secularism and communal harmony because we believe that the Indian industry cannot prosper amidst the death and destruction unleashed by communalism.

At Sherman, our Management's key contribution has been in the area of human relations based on trust, encouraging innovations and de-emphasizing hierarchies. We take our jobs very seriously but our aim is not to simply make profits. We make a sincere effort to make Sherman "human" and our workplace enjoyable & purposeful. 

In addition to our priorities on the family and corporate front, we do find time to do our bit for communal harmony & helping the helpless. In our own small way, by enthusiastically contributing regularly to Riot funds, Community Education, Blind Relief Camps, Old age Homes, Institutes for the Handicapped, War widows relief Institutions and Animal Hospitals, we carry on this crusade for peace, love, prosperity and tolerance.